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upcoming events

K-Mess, 9 July, Koch-Areal, Zureich


We release zines on sticker / meme cultures and aesthetics. You can download zine 1 and zine 2 by clicking the links. The zines are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. You can get zines #3 and #4 on

past events

Bazar der Dinge, 22 May, Kraftfeld, Winterthur
Sticker Convention, 17 April 2022, HUMBUG, Basel

Release Slap Me Baby Zine #4, September 2021
I Never Read, 20-26 September 2021, Schaulager, Basel

I Never Read, 17-20 September 2020, Schaulager, Basel
Release Slap Me Baby Zine #3, September 2020
Comicfest, January 2020, Sommercasino, Basel

Sticker Convention, December 2019, VIA Studios, Basel
Volumes Art Publishing Days, December 2019, Zurich
Release Slap Me Baby Zine #2, November 2019
Unlock Fair, September 2019, Cologne
I Never Read, June 2019, Kaserne, Basel
Release Slap Me Baby Zine #1, June 2019
Shady Times, May 2019, Stadtwerkstatt, Basel

Comicfest Hirscheneck, December 2018, Basel
Sticker Convention, October 2018, VIA Studios, Basel
Sticker Convention, March 2018, Bonjour Baby, Basel


"Sticker in Berns Strassen: Was klebt denn da?", Feature on (Paywalled), June 2022
"Dieses Ostern verbringen wir klebend", Feature on Radio X, April 2022
"Kleb mir einen: Was Sticker über unsere Stadt erzählen", Interview with, November 2021
Über Sticker-Kultur und urbane Kunst, Lecture by Gerrit Retterath, June 2021
Niemert wöt das!, Interview on Radio X, June 2021


You can support us by buying stuff over at you may also find zines and sticker packs at Material in Zurich, CO-MIX REMIX in Lucerne and Guillaume Daeppen in Basel and Staalplaat and neurotitan in Berlin.


Drop us a mail at or find us on instagram