sticker collective

zine #1

Our first zine documents sticker culture in Basel and contains interviews, exposés, (very) high-brow theory and other shenanigans.

Slap Me Baby Zine #1 Cover
Slap Me Baby Zine #1 Cover

Check out some interviews that didn't make it to the print edition here.

In Berlin, you can get it at Staalplaat and Neurotitan. In Basel, you'll find it at Gallery Daeppen and OPEN Store. Luzern? Visit Co-Mix Remix.

Anywhere else, you can order it from our webshop

upcoming events

Catch us at Unlock Book Fair in Cologne (31 August - 1 September 2019)

past events

I Never Read, June 2019, Kaserne, Basel
Shady Times, May 2019, Stadtwerkstatt, Basel
Comicfest Hirscheneck 2019, December 2018, Basel
Sticker Convention, October 2018, VIA Studios, Basel
Sticker Convention, March 2018, Bonjour Baby, Basel


drop us a mail at yo@slapm or find us on instagram